Let's whisk away waste and make our planet smile with these amazing colour whisks made form recycled plastic! These colour whisks aren't just any old tool; it's a trade secret, designed by hairdressers for hairdressers. This isn't your run-of-the-mill whisk – it's an ergonomic masterpiece that turns colours into velvety, buttery poetry with ease, all while giving waste a swift exit, without the drama. 

Why You Need This in Your Salon:

  • Poetry in Motion: Crafted for artistry, our ergonomic design effortlessly whisks colours into buttery, creamy dreams.
  • Prongs of Perfection: Curated open prongs at the base ensure product waste is history, and every blend is pure perfection.
  • Sustainable Symphony: Crafted from recycled plastic, it's not just a whisk; it's a symphony of sustainability and design.
  • Innovation in Action: We're not just about whisking; our R&D grants fuel sustainable actions, cutting water and product waste.