Big Towel Company offers innovative eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cotton towels, replacing them with luxury, hygienic and environmentally friendly options. Our eco-products are changing the way salons do business by helping to complete the perfect client experience while reducing overheads and benefiting the environment.  

Sharon Blain, world renowned and highly acclaimed hairdresser, is the driving force behind the brand. With over 500 awards to her name and a successful salon owner for over 40 years, her enthusiasm to find new products and systems to improve and benefit business, lead her to create our eco disposable towel. A one-use towel with loads of benefits that has fast become a game changer to industries at large.

Now boasting an extensive range of innovative products from eco-towels, capes, beauty products and bedding, progressive and forward thinking businesses recognise that eco-towels are the towels of the future.


100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, our highly absorbent towels are odour free, soft to touch and have zero toxins. Businesses have seen generous savings of up to 43% on electricity consumption by not washing and drying their towels.

Created from Nature and tested by AgResearch International, (an accredited authority in New Zealand) our eco-products are guaranteed to be 100% pure, unlike any other brand on the market.

Made from wood fibres that are certified renewable and completely plastic-free, our towels are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and tests show they can naturally break down within the environment in less than six weeks.

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