Q. How can I use your towels in my Spa and Beauty salon?

A. Salon owners are constantly reporting additional exciting ways they have implemented and are using the towels.
> ideal for spray tanning and massaging.
> used for manicures and pedicures.
> replacing awful plastic sheets while waxing.
> used as a turban during facials.
> cut into squares and used to wipe the face during facials.

Q. How do I work out how many towels I need for my hairdressing salon?
A. As a general rule we suggest looking at your weekly client numbers and multiplying that by two. For example, 200 towels per week for 100 clients.

Q. How can your towels save me money?
A. Firstly, by not needing to wash towels, you immediately save on electricity, water, washing powder, machine maintenance and the labour cost of apprentice time in the laundry.
If you are leasing your washing machine and dryer, the interest costs are very high. By eliminating these, imagine the savings and how cost effective this space becomes.

Salons who use a laundry service say they are charged up to $1.20 per spa towel and 80cents per hairdressing towel. Our towels will cut your laundry bill in half.

Salons have reportedly saved 44% on its energy consumption since introducing
disposable towels.

Q.I have not received a confirmation email, what should I do?
A. Firstly, please check your junk mail. If still not received please check the email address that you entered at checkout is correct and send us an email at sales@bigtowelcompany.com or use the contact us form.

Q. How can I track my order?
A. You will receive an email or sms when your order has been processed, this will include the tracking details of your order. All orders are shipped with Couriers Please.

Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. Order cancellation requests will be considered but are not guaranteed. This is simply because we try to ship out orders as quickly as possible, and we cannot cancel an order after it has been processed. Please email sales@bigtowelcompany.com with your order number and the subject heading CANCELLATION REQUEST as soon as possible OR phone us on 0478 646 096.

Q. Can I return my item?
A. Please see our returns policy here

Q. How do you recycle Big Towel products?
A. Big Towel Company disposable towels are simply recycled as cardboard. Contact your local recycling company for advice. If you do put them out with the rubbish they will decompose completely within 12 weeks.