Your ultimate professional colourist pack made with recycled plastic! Elevate your game while reducing waste and lightening your carbon footprint. It's where style meets sustainability, and it's time for you to join our Future Thinkers of a Clean Tomorrow movement!

What do you get?

  • 1 x Hello Bleach Whisk: Say goodbye to product and water waste, while making your colour buttery & creamy in texture and go further - saving you time and money!
  • 1 x Hello Bleach Tint Bowl: Achieve perfect colour distribution while effortlessly taming stray hairs.
  • 3 x Hello Bleach Tint Brushes: Small 4cm, medium 5cm, and large 6cm tint brushes with extra-long, arch-shaped handles for ultimate dexterity and dense feather-tapered bristles for precise and premium application.