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Our premium black hairdressing towels are one of a kind and unlike other disposable towels on the market. Made from our innovative woven material, this towel is 

  • luxurious and super soft to touch - you would never think 100% bio-degradable material felt so luxe
  • larger towel measuring 40cm x 80cm
  • thicker and highly absorbent

Suitable for hair, beauty and spa salons, this is your clean, hygienic and cost effective solution to cotton towels. No more washing towels and no more cross contamination. use them once and throw then away. Give your clients a peace of mind and enhance their in-salon experience with a fresh sustainable towel. 

Big Towel Company towels are an obvious choice as they are 100% biodegradable, (break down naturally in less than three months) are made from natural wood fibres so there are no harmful chemicals or toxins and they won’t hurt the environment.

Big Towel Company is committed to providing products that are useful, totally safe and ethically sound.

Pack sizes
50 pack and Boxes of 600 

Towel size
40cm x 80cm


Eco Benefits 

  • Clean, fresh and hygienic - no cross contamination 
  • 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly 
  • Save on water and electrical costs
  • Super absorbent 
  • Use once and throw it away - never wash a towel again
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Plastic & toxic free - no harmful chemicals 
  • Super soft to touch  

Eco Uses

  • Replacement for cotton towels 
  • Perfect for all colour services where extra protection is desired
  • Used for extensive hair colour and treatment services
  • Special effect makeup
  • Suitable for all gel and acrylic nail services
  • Cut down to make soothing facial wipes
  • Use during manicure and pedicure process
  • Recommended for use in injectable clinics