Have you wanted your salon to become more eco-conscious for some time now? Some eco swaps for colour remover wipes can be expensive, confusing, and difficult to access. But Affordable Eco Solutions provides you with the ideal solution in the form of biodegradable colour remover wipes.

These biodegradable colour remover wipes are not only friendly to the environment but to the nose too! With a non-intrusive scent, these gentle wipes will offer an improved, elevated, and more eco-friendly experience for your clients.

Our eco colour remover wipes are one of the easiest eco swaps that you can make in your salon. They work just like traditional colour remover wipes, if not more effectively. When compared to traditional colour remover wipes, our biodegradable options are very affordable.

Our Biodegradable Colour Remover Wipes

  • Contains 100 wipes
  • 9cm x 12 cm 
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-intrusive scent 

The benefits that our colour remover wipes offer are truly impressive, and upon using them for the first time, you’ll definitely not want to go back to your previous option.

Think about how many colour remover wipes you use each day in the salon. Now think about all of these wipes sitting in a rubbish dump somewhere. At Affordable Eco Solutions, our colour remover wipes break down completely in just a matter of weeks.

 Why buy from us?

  • It feels good to help the environment
  • Saving money does too!
  • The products are of the highest quality 
  • You'll save precious time; goodbye laundry!
  • Fight the war-on-waste
  • Become a more sustainable business
  • Earn good karma and praise from your customers
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