Clean, hygienic, germ free with no cross contamination. This is your COVID safe solution that will give your clients peace of mind. 

500 magic wipes per box

Refreshing and hydrating. Add a luxury warm or cold compress with a touch of fragrant to your guest’s service - the ultimate pamper service.

An innovative way to impress and refresh your clients. It’s the little extra touches that make the difference to a guests experience.

Just add a few drops of water to our Magic Wipe and watch it transform into an instant moist wipe.

  • Can be used with cold, warm or fragrant water
  • Super soft and hygienic 
  • No cross contamination 
  • Offer your clients a clean, unique towel every time
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Save storage space
  • No laundering costs to your business
  • Non toxic

How it works
Simply add a few drops of water > watch it expand >then easily unroll to a moist wipe.

3inches then expands to 8.6inches-9.4inches